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Organic-based lawn care

Organic-based lawn care is a process of balancing and building soil health. It starts with a soil test so we can address any chemical imbalances in the soil. This is important because those imbalances adversely affect the all-important biological soil activity that is not only responsible for making important nutrients available to your lawn, but also helps to protect the lawn from soil-borne disease pathogens.

Our program of regular applications of natural organic matter – rich in carbon, minerals and enzymes – builds healthy soil that supports the all-important microbial life essential for a healthy lawn. The naturally healthy lawns we produce are weed and pest-resistant allowing us to use fewer chemicals to address them.

As our program of soil building improves soil biology, many of the problems caused by the indiscriminate over-use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides including hard, compacted coil, thatch, and many weed, disease and insect problems will be much less likely, eliminating the need for expensive, soil-damaging treatments to address them.

Our organic-based lawn care produces lawns that aren’t just healthier and more attractive; once established, they are less expensive to maintain.

Building healthy soil beneath your lawn also benefits many of your trees and shrubs. The roots of your lawn, trees and shrubs share the same soil in many, but not all, cases. In those situations where they do share the same soil, the soil building that our organic-based lawn care program accomplishes provides benefits not only for your lawn, but for your trees and shrubs too – and at no additional cost.

Advantages to Clauser’s Organic-Based Approach

  • Sustainable programs
  • A beautiful lawn and landscape
  • Safer for children, pets, and the environment
  • Faster recovery from stress-inducing drought
  • Peace of mind

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