The removal of my “dear” Red Oak tree is complete. The only thing left is the stump.
Your team was amazing. Each man had a job which he performed with studied skill, from setting the big
crane safely in the street to the loading of the trunk pieces, thanks to Mike and Luis.
Every action was done carefully and professionally. Thanks to Dave, who fearlessly climbed “where no man dares to go” and took off each branch and cut. Mike made sure no wires were touched and he landed the branches safely to Luis, who along with Brian chipped even some very large branches. The overseer Brian had his work cut out at the chipper as well as lookout for all. Brian was able to find a few pieces of wood to give to me to keep, and generally
calmed my anxiety. The whole day went very well. This is why I chose Clauser. You are all “a class act.” The job was done with good planning, in safety and by skilled tree men. Thank you so much to you Steve, to Chris, Brian, Dave (my hero) Luis and Mike.