“It is rare for me to do this type of correspondence, but I must tell you my wife and I are very pleased with the work your crews did for us.
Tim lead the removal crew with your new crane, and removed all three oaks in one day. What a shock that was.
All the guys were ever so nice, they took proper safety precautions, and laid down the mats accordingly to protect the turf from and back.
Chris, Jim and John who did the stump grinding and removal of the grindings were simply a pleasure to have working here as well.
All your crew members worked well together, communicated accordingly, and did not use cuss words either. What more can you ask for!
In summary when we need more work done I will call Brittney to have Larry come out for another estimate without calling your competition if indeed any exist.
So you are aware, I very much enjoy talking to Brittney because I have a granddaughter named Brittney who I simply adore.”