Tree Care

Get tree care tips to help keep your valuable elms, oaks, ash, conifers, and other trees healthy and looking their best no matter what Mother Nature may throw at them.

A cluster of dry, brown pine needles like these is often a sign of a dying tree.

Sep 21 2023

Tree Care

7 Signs of a Dying Tree and 7 Things You Can Do About It

Is your Pennsylvania tree dying? Recognize the signs of an unhealthy tree and discover the things you can do to make it thrive again. Learn more now!
A fallen tree in PA

Jun 6 2023

Tree Care

7 Signs of a Dangerous Tree

Do you know if your tree is dangerous? Here are 7 things you can inspect to tell if your tree is healthy or a hazard, and what to do if your tree poses a danger.
Trees that were overly pruned or "topped," with the entire top of the trees cut off.

Mar 30 2023

Tree Care

Tree Topping – Just Don’t Do It

Tree topping is commonly done and may seem to be an efficient way to reduce the size of a tree. Unfortunately, it has severe unintended consequences that put your tree and surrounding structures at risk. Learn why tree topping is NOT an acceptable pruning practice.

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