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Firewood Delivery Services

Clauser Tree Care offers the best firewood in the area.

Our firewood is perfectly seasoned and ready for burning coming from hardwoods that give off the least amount of smoke and sparks. Our tree company delivers firewood to families throughout Montgomery and Bucks County.

Save money on heating bills this winter by burning firewood to heat your home.

Heating your home with wood-burning stoves or furnaces is much cheaper and more cost effective than other home heating methods. Wood is a renewable energy source, unlike oil and electricity. Clauser Tree Care has great rates on seasoned, hardwood firewood and delivery service. Call today and start heating your home with firewood this winter!

I called this morning for delivery of two cords of firewood. They came before noon, very competitive price in area (Ambler) and they give Military Discount. Shout out to Clauser Tree Cares for great customer service, respect to property and extremely polite delivery man! THANKS!

~ Candy Pack

Call us today for great – delivery included – rates on seasoned, hardwood firewood.