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Preventative care keeps your trees and plants healthy

Health and Pest Management

Health and Pest Management is an important component of PHC. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a method of managing plant pests by combining various control tactics, and is one component of PHC.

Scouting and Monitoring trees and shrubs and their environment are key to a proactive PHC program. Early detection and correction of situations that may cause plant stress can prevent more serious problems in the future.

The monitoring program we recommend is based on the specific trees and shrubs on your property, and your expectations. That will determine the number of scouting visits we recommend, as well as any special treatments needed to address problems needing critical timing and/or special materials.

Our tree experts can also help you determine what’s wrong with your tree while also providing you with a treatment plan.

Health Enhancing and Stress Reduction

Trees and shrubs are large, complex organisms, but seemingly minor damage can trigger a series of subsequent stresses that ultimately lead to plant death. For this reason, it is important to maintain your trees and shrubs to prevent damage whenever possible.

As your Plant Health Care practitioner, one of our main objectives is to help provide an environment that is conducive to maintaining healthy and attractive plantings. We help to accomplish this for you in a natural way by using natural organics that mimic nature’s carbon cycle of maintaining soil health by returning organic matter to the soil in the on-going process of recycling nutrients.

Clauser is dedicated to this concept of biological soil management. The natural organics we provide to your trees and shrubs help to provide an optimum environment for the proliferation of beneficial soil microbes whose actions build healthy soil so where essential nutrients and complex organic compounds are made readily available to produce healthy, thriving plants and to help suppress disease.

In our organic version of deep root fertilizing, we do not use high-nitrogen chemical fertilizers that encourage rapid growth. Research and experience have proven that plants growing rapidly in response to nitrogen fertilization are more susceptible to insect and disease attack. This occurs because fast growing and succulent new leaf and twig growth is more nutritious and thus more attractive to insects and diseases. Furthermore, nitrogen fertilization causes plants to reallocate stored resources, putting more energy into growth and less into defense and stress tolerance.

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