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Storms can cause significant tree damage which can lead to a dangerous situation where a broken branch can fall and cause injury. After a major storm, common tree damage consists of:

  • Stem, root, or branch failure
  • Split trunk
  • Missing crown
  • Twist fractures
  • Blow over or break off at the ground line

Whatever the case may be, leaving damaged trees after a storm can lead to injury and property damage. Additionally, when there’s a power outage caused by a falling tree or branch, you may not be able to regain electricity until the problem is solved and the remains are removed.

How Clauser Can Help

If the aftermath consists of more than picking up a few branches or twigs that fell, you should call the professionals at Clauser Tree Care to safely and efficiently treat your tree damage. Our team can:

  • Inspect the situation
  • Remove or prune damaged trees
  • Make treatment recommendations

When broken tree limbs are hanging high, unsupported branches are hanging over walkways, or potentially energized power lines are in the area of the tree, the chances of personal injury and property damage are higher. Don’t take the risk; let our professionals take care of it.

Don’t Wait Until There’s an Emergency

If you know that a storm is coming and aren’t sure whether your trees will be able to weather it, be proactive! The Clauser Tree Care team will help you prep or remove your trees before damage occurs.