Tree Health Management

If you’re searching for local tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, tree stump grinding, or tree service near Montgomery & Bucks Counties, Clauser Tree Care can help! As a certified arborist, we keep trees healthy with expert tree pruning and tree fertilization but we also remove trees that have died or have become a safety hazard. We proudly offer a complete range of tree care services.

Our experienced team of tree care professionals is always on call to help with any of your tree care needs in Montgomery & Bucks Counties. Our team offers exceptional customer service, affordable prices, and high-quality tree work.

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    Insect & Disease Prevention & Treatment

    Healthy trees don't just happen by chance in our (sub)urban environment. It takes proactive care, preventive treatments and, when needed, the application of safe and appropriate chemicals to control harmful insects and diseases.

    Early identification is critical for controlling pests and diseases, and preventing irreparable tree damage.

    If your trees don't look healthy, it's likely due to problems with pests or diseases, or soil conditions. Often, it's all of these together that are affecting your plants.

    • Pine Bark Beetle Prevention & Treatment
    • Oak Wilt
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    Tree Fertilization & Soil Improvement

    Proper tree and shrub fertilization provides necessary nutrients that may be lacking in your soil, and can greatly improve plant health and vigor. If your trees and shrubs don't look their best, deep root fertilization can give them the "pick-me-up" they need.

    Deep Root Fertilization

    To get nutrients to the tree most effectively, we use specialized tools to inject liquid fertilizer and soil amendments into the soil around your trees.

    We Help Stressed Trees Recover

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    Tree & Shrub Planting

    Do you have foliage goals for your outdoor living spaces? Are you envisioning the addition of a new outdoor kitchen. Did you know that these types of goals have a huge impact on any tree or shrub planting you might undertake?

    Some homeowners want trees that will perform shade functions for a home. Others are looking to add shrubs and trees for privacy.

    At Clauser Tree Care, we approach each tree and shrub planting project with the commitment to provide you with healthy plants in an optimized setting.