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Tree Service You Can Trust

Safe and Complete Tree Trimming and Removal Services in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

Regardless of the size or location of your tree, our staff has the years of experience and expert knowledge needed to make sure your tree is removed safely without damage to your property.

And since we treat your property like our own, you can be sure it will be properly cleaned up and look brand new when we’re finished.

Tree and shrub pruning

Proper pruning improves the health, structure and appearance of your trees and shrubs and prolongs their life by removing dead, dying, diseased interfering and objectionable branches.

Deadwood is a hazardous and potential source of disease and decay and should be removed. Pruning to remove disease-infected and/or insect-infested branches can help minimize the chance of those problems spreading and can reduce the need for pesticide applications in some cases.

We specialize in naturalistic pruning to promote the natural shape and form of your trees and shrubs.

Expert cabling to protect your property

If you have weak or potentially dangerous tree limbs on your property, talk to our experts today about cabling options.

We’ll install hardware designed to reduce the risk of dangerous limbs by reducing movement and increasing the amount of weight a limb joint can sustain.

Get the reliable service you deserve

  • Professional tree removal
  • Tree / shrub pruning
  • Cabling / bracing

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